How to Have Safe Sex: Now

Style: "Neutral" As things continue to “open up”, what about sex? When will that “open up”? I am not an epidemiologist, but I’ve [...]

Love in the Time of COVID

The title of this column was inspired by the novel “Love in the Time of Cholera”, written by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, first published [...]

The New Normal

In a pandemic, our old ideas about how life works no longer apply. We don’t know when or how this time of quarantining will end. [...]

Power, Love & Presence

As young people, most of us start off feeling pretty powerful. We have the confidence, naiveté and energy of our twenties and are excited about [...]

Why I Love Cowboys

I love cowboys because they: are steady and sweet, keep their cards close to their chests, only open up when they know you’re trustworthy, are solid and low-key [...]

Why is Everyone So Anxious?

Have you noticed how anxious, worried and edgy most people are lately? Have you experienced these feelings yourself? If so, you can relax: you’re “normal” [...]

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