When Things Fall Apart

Twenty-five years’ ago, one of my favorite Buddhist writers, Pema Chodron (born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown), published a book with the above title. I’ve read almost a [...]

Scared of the Gym?

Many of us feel pressure to go to the gym. It’s heavily promoted like some kind of divine panacea that will bring us looks, health [...]


For many years, I created a “Best of” list, so clients or friends who asked me about the best dentist, acupuncturist, doctor, etc. would know [...]

This Year: Give Yourself

After my last column – on Loneliness – people told me, “I feel especially lonely at Christmas and New Year’s, why didn’t you talk about [...]

Loneliness Is Normal

Loneliness is normal. You can be the happiest, most loved person and – I guarantee – at some point(s) in your life, you’ll feel lonely. [...]

What is Success?

For the past month or so, I’ve been asking myself this question. I read about billionaires and celebrities and wonder: “Is that success?” I listen [...]

The Wrinkle Room

Earlier this year I wrote a column called “Twink Death”. It got more hits than anything I’ve ever written (over 1,300 at present) and people [...]

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