I love to create and facilitate workshops for groups and organizations. As you can see from the partial list below, I’ve facilitated workshops on a wide variety of topics. The size of the groups I’ve worked with ranges from a dozen to several hundred attendees. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

Recent Workshops

Anger Management Workshop

(The) Art of Aging Well

Assertiveness Training Group

Balancing your Heart, Mind and Libido

Becoming Fearless, Wise & Free

Beliefs, Balanced Living & Spirituality

Beyond Gender Roles: New Possibilities for LGBTQ Men & Women

Blame, Revenge and Forgiveness

Can you Buy Happiness?

Clinical Issues in San Diego’s LGBTQ Community (for mental health professionals)

Coming Out to your Doctor and Medical Team

Cultivating Self-Esteem

Curiosity and Passion

Dating and Sex in the Gay Community

Dating with God; Dating with the Buddha

Demystifying Dating

Developing Intimate Relationships

Finding and Keeping Your Perfect Partner

Forgiving Our Fathers

(The) Gay Men’s Workshop on Aging Well

(The) Gay Man’s Workshop on Open and Monogamous Marriage (based on my book)

Gay Sons, Straight Fathers: Acceptance, Connection and Healing

Gay Men’s Support Group

Getting Along with Difficult People

(The) Goodboy/Badboy Workshop

Healing your Father Wound

How to work with Crazy/Impossible Clients (and Co-workers): a corporate workshop series

Invisible Men: What do you do when you’re not young and cute anymore?

(The) Less Stress/More Ease: Stress Reduction Workshop

Love, Sex & Relationships

Making Peace with Your Inner Child

Men & Depression

Men & Grief

Men & Violence

Men’s Rites of Passage (with The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Men’s Sexuality Retreat

Monogamy or Open Relationship?

Moving Beyond Heteronormative Ideas of Happiness

Power, Love and Presence – The Joys of Growing Older

(The) Power of Silence

Realizing Our Gifts: For the LGBTQ Community

Shoving Each Other Towards Wholeness

Spirituality, Hope and HIV

Stress Reduction in the Workplace

Thriving – not just Surviving – in our Forties, Fifties and beyond

Taking a Chance on Happiness

Unhooking from Consumer Culture

When Things Fall Apart

Are you interested in future workshops?

To be notified about upcoming workshops, please let me know how to reach you.

Thanks, Michael.