After many years of working as a California-licensed psychotherapist, I realized that my intention to assist my clients was limited by the governing agency of my license, so I began to offer Life Coaching.

As a coach, I use a variety of coaching techniques to help you identify obstacles that have been stopping you from reaching your Life Goals. Once these beliefs and/or fears are uncovered, together, we’ll create an action plan to overcome these obstacles and take steps towards attaining your Goals.

As your coach, I’ll be there with you every step of the way; offering you emotional support, helping to activate your motivation and foster accountability to yourself.

Compared to psychotherapy, coaching is more goal-directed and concrete. There’s less diving into your personal history and a lot more problem-solving.

My Coaching specialties include:

Starting a new business: I have helped many clients successfully launch new businesses. This is one of my favorite things to do.

Navigating an open relationship: I love coaching couples who want to know how to put into the practice the principles I discuss in my 2017 book on open and monogamous relationships.

Working through major life change(s): Having guidance through transitions – like a career change, planning for an early retirement, losing weight or going back to school – can speed up the change process and minimize the discomfort.

Dating: Dating is a skill set and it can be learned. Many of the skills that have helped you get ahead in your career can be adapted and applied to dating. I can help you recognize and/or create these connections through coaching.

Life Coaching is more action-oriented than traditional therapy. Coaching deepens your self-learning and self-acceptance, while giving you the tools, support, and direction to experience new possibilities, relationships and behaviors.

Are you ready to accomplish the goals you’ve long been reaching for? My one-on-one coaching program offers you:

  1. An understanding of the internal blocks/fears/obstacles that may be holding you back or getting in the way of achieving your goals.
  2. A clear vision and path to get to your goals.
  3. Support, accountability and guidance all along the way.

There is no time like the present to start achieving your goals. To find out more, call me to arrange a free, fifteen-minute phone consultation.