Halloween Every Day

Now that Halloween is over, have you ever wondered why people like it so much?   We get to dress up in costumes. We get [...]

Friendship and Romance

How do you grow a friendship? How do you encourage a brand-new romance? Are the basic underlying principles the same for both, or not? Some [...]

Molecular Reorganization

In college, I avoided science courses as much as possible. They seemed so hard and not very relevant to my goal of becoming a psychotherapist. [...]

Lower the Wall

So many of us feel lonely: we spend countless hours on Instagram or other social media trying to feel connected, like we matter to someone. [...]

I want to be wild!

A few weeks’ ago, a well-adjusted bisexual guy came into my office. He was handsome, smart, successful and quite happy with his life. So, I [...]

You are the Cake

If you’re single: do you ever feel lonely and wish that someone wonderful would love you? If you’re coupled: do you ever feel lonely and [...]

Look for the Helpers

This is not the column I had planned to write. But, this week I’ve been very inspired by two experiences: The terrific LGBT Exhibit at [...]

How to be Alone

I have lived alone many times, in many places, e.g.; Dayton, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Paris, London, New York City and San Francisco. I have also [...]

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