oliverI didn’t know that renowned writer and neuroscientist Oliver Sacks was gay until I read his obituary today.

I read that he came out in his recent (2015) autobiography where he talks about having sex in YMCAs in San Francisco as a younger man on his motorcycle (see photo) and how he has been with his partner for 8 years.

I suggest you Google him because there are an awful lot of good obituaries for him.

You might also check out his 2015 autobiography: “On The Move. A Life”

The more I read about him, the more I see that he was an extraordinary man who led an amazing life. I don’t think he was very open about being gay until recently.

By the way, the above photo shows how gorgeous he was in his California, motorcycle-riding days. I’m sure he was very popular wherever he went: he was beautiful both inside and out.