P1220856The current New Yorker features an article analyzing the work and career of Joan Didion, a writer whose work and life I admire: a writer who has inspired me since reading her essay collection “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” in the 1970’s.

This article starts off as a pretty typical bio piece, but quickly turns into a piercing analysis of how Ms. Didion wrote frankly about the American obsession with Power and Money and how American media, over the past 50 years, was and is still determined NOT to address said obsession in print.

I strongly recommend the article (by Louis Menand), particularly the final few paragraphs. It actually startled me with its honesty and accurate analysis of American media and the role Ms. Didion and others did (or did not) play in writing about/analyzing it.

I hope you enjoy it – and find it as thought-provoking  – as I did.