Photo by Brigitte Lacombe for House & Garden magazine

Photo by Brigitte Lacombe for House & Garden magazine

This is a great article by one of my favorite writers. In The New York Times, Ms. Browning writes about how once she hit 60, all kinds of things began to change for her. She began to stop the self-criticism that she’d endured for most of her life and began to find a peace she never knew before.

Here’s a quote from the article:

My new mantra (“I’m too old for this”) is liberating. At least once a week I encounter a situation that in the old (young) days would have knocked me to my knees or otherwise spun my life off center.

Now I can spot trouble 10 feet away (believe me, this is a big improvement), and I can say to myself: Too old for this. I spare myself a great deal of suffering, and as we all know, there is plenty of that to be had without looking for more.

As someone who turned 62 this year, I agree with her. Things that used to rattle me, no longer do. Drama that used to sweep me up in it, I now simply turn away from.

Nobody tells you about this, but it’s great to be older…and wiser…and calmer…and happier.

Check out the article and see what I mean: