Conflict Can Be Good for You

Over the past twenty-some years, I’ve heard dozens of clients say: “I absolutely hate conflict.” “Does every relationship – even a good one - have [...]

Feeling Safe

PTSD is a psychological term for “post traumatic stress disorder”. I consider PTSD to be the emotions we feel after we have walked through hell [...]

Can We Breathe Now?

Finally, as 2020 shuffles to a close, it looks like (some) things are getting better: No more Trump and his hate-mongering policies The Biden/Harris administration [...]

Mastering COVID Fatigue

We’re in uncharted territory, brothers and sisters. None of us has ever lived through a pandemic before. And the news isn’t good: more and more [...]


As I write this, the election is about a week away and I’m swimming in a sea of emotions: hope, worry, insecurity (due to all [...]

Training Your Inner Puppy

Are you feeling lonelier these days? Is the pandemic exacerbating those feelings? Luckily, the physical state of being alone has very little to do with [...]

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