Time for a Retreat?

When times get tough, what’s one of the best things you can do for yourself? Perhaps it’s time for a retreat. You may protest, saying [...]

What is Healthy Stress?

You hear a lot of talk about stress: “I’m so stressed out” or “My job is so stressful”, but how what exactly is stress? I’ve [...]

(Non)Disordered Eating

On many pop culture websites, you hear a lot of talk about celebrities with eating disorders. What is an eating disorder and what is (non)disordered [...]

Shyness and Social Anxiety

photo courtesy of Screen Gems Films As a psychotherapist, lots of clients ask me if shyness or social anxiety is normal.  It’s a tricky [...]

Hard Times; Powerful Lessons

Most of us don’t learn through happiness; we learn through difficulties, and hard times present us with many opportunities to learn more about ourselves. Lately, [...]

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