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“The ART of Aging Well: A Workshop for Gay Men”

September 14th, Saturday, from 1:30 – 3PM at The Studio Door in Hillcrest. 

Gay San Diego columnist (“Life Beyond Therapy”) and openly-gay psychotherapist Michael Kimmel will present a workshop based on his upcoming book: “The Gay Man’s Guide to Aging Well”.
The workshop is limited to a maximum of thirty men. The admission price is $25.

The ART of Aging Well will address questions such as:

• As a gay man, do you find that getting older is a challenge?

• Is it hard to make peace with the physical changes that come with aging?

• Do you ever wonder: “Who’s going to want me in ten or twenty years?”

• What about aging scares you the most?

• When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

• Do you believe that your life can become richer and more rewarding as you grow older, wiser and more true to yourself?

• Are you afraid of becoming “invisible” as you get older?


Thank you for your interest in the workshop.

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